Betty Boop today

2008 calendarAfter her career slowed down, it seemed that there was no tomorrow for Betty Boop.

However, in 1955, Paramount sold her films for syndication and her career was given a new lease on life. In fact, Betty Boop’s popularity extended to outside of the United States to as far as Asia. The main problem that beset Betty Boop cartoons is the fact that they were in black and white. With the arrival of color TV and film, there was simply no market for her cartoons.

Today, one can find about 22 public domain cartoons of Betty Boop at the Internet Archive. This is all well and good for Betty Boop fans of all ages as there really has been no modern release of any of her cartoons.

Though Betty Boop has not seemed to last with respect to film, her merchandise has become popular all over the world. In fact, Betty Boop merchandise – featuring the sexier version – can be found in most any country. These products include anything from bags to purses to wallets to pencil cases.

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